So today I went shopping. -_-

Okay, normally I would avoid, at ANY costs, going shopping. As in shopping for clothes.

Grocery shopping I’m cool with, as is stationery and, I don’t know, other shopping. I just HATE shopping for clothes.

Unfortunately, as I discovered a couple days ago, I didn’t have many pants to wear. Seriously, I had to throw out half of them, because they didn’t fit.

Sooooooooo, we went shopping today, with my mum and grandma.

Not to dis mothers and grandmas all around, but really, sometimes your fashion choices are… questionably doubtful.

So you may not understand why I was all, EUGHHHH, when it comes to shopping, and here’s why.

  • I don’t shop. Period. Like, I’ve been on about 5 shopping trips. about 1 or 2 out of them were for shoes, and they were a see-something-that-fits-okay-let’s-go trip. I’ve never been a oohh-let’s-go-here-ahh-pretty-top-nah-what-about-this-one-oh-let’s-try-this-shop-instead girl. I just didn’t grow up like that. My free time was spent reading, drawing, watching clouds (yes I actually did that), and more reading. I’m a book girl, and consequently, it’s not until about 3 years ago that I actually paid much attention to what I was wearing. Furthermore, I thought shopping was pointless, because I didn’t care about my appearance, so I didn’t do much of it. Grocery shopping, however, hello, everyone needs food, so I’m okay with that.
  • I’m actually really conscious of my body. Like size and weight. As in, I see a pretty top/pants/dress and I’m afraid I won’t fit.
  • Shopping involves money. Money which my mum has. As a result, about 80% of the shopping I do, like 4 out of the 5 trips I’ve had, is done with my mum because she has the money. Which makes my sooo uncomfortable because I tried once, to pick out a top I liked which didn’t even cost that much!! Aaaand… she gives me that “Hmmm, how about… no.” look. And proceeds to choose another. So yeah, it’s awkward.

Anyways, if you think I’m weird, ahahaha, please tell me in the comments, 😛

Have a lovely rest of the day/night! 🙂