I love asking people where they’re from, whether it’s what school, what suburb, what state, what country, I’m just always curious!

For me it’s a sense of connection, and just awe that (don’t laugh at me) there are ACTUALLY other people in this world! Really! WE get so caught up in our routines, and stress and other things that we don’t stop and go, whoa, there’s like, 7 billion people out there…?

Seven billion stories… And counting ~ catchphrase of SBS 

So I guess I should tell you where I’m from… 

I’m from NSW, Australia! It’s on okay place to live, I guess, actually where I live we have a lot of bush fires in the summer (like now, worst bush fire in 50 yeaars people!), but I like it. Winter’s cold, for me (it’s actually not that cold according to my french teacher who’s Irish), but I love snuggling up in a jumper, and heating warm foods, so life’s good! Haha.

FA (cliched) Qs:

Q: Do you have pet kangaroos/koalas/wombats/emus/cockatoos/platypuses/other native Australian fauna?

A: No.

Q: Do you have a heavy accent?

A: Nope. I don’t have any accent.

Q: Did you find Nemo?

A: You do realise Nemo is the captain of the Nautilus from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea?

Q: Do you drink beer/have a beer belly/wear hats with corks/wear thongs (like flip-flops, but we call them thongs)?

A: Yes to the beer, it’s actually very much a cultural thing (but I don’t haha). Sometimes with the beer belly. No to the corks, so don’t come to Australia wearing one. And yep, usually in summer, for thongs.

Q: Oh you’re Australian, eh? Do you live near the beach then?

A: Um actually… Heh, no. I live near the Blue Mountains. >.<

So yeah! That’s about all for tonight! 

Tell me whereabouts you live in the comments, and stay safe!