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So for my second post, I’ve decided to talk about TMI!! Woo!! Recently, I went with my friends to see the movie adaption. I’ll be honest, that was the second time I’ve ever seen a movie adaption of a book I’ve read.

Harry Potter doesn’t count because I saw a couple of the movies first, then read the series. The first time was The Hunger Games.

For anyone who has no clue what The Mortal Instruments is about, fear not!! Here’s a quick dot-point summary of the ENTIRE series:

– Written by Cassandra Clare

– Girl named Clary

– Guy named Jace

– Plus friends of Jace called Alex and Isabelle

– Demons and evil people trying to take over the world

– Clary, Jace, Alex, Isabelle, plus Clary’s friend Simon try to stop said evil people.


But that’s putting it all VERY simply. It’s a very awesome series, complete with plot twists, love triangles, loads of fight scenes, witty humour, and general awesomeness on Jace’s part.

(*Just as a side note, Ms Clare also has a another trilogy called the Infernal Devices, set before the Mortal Insturments, like in the Victorian Britain, but I suggest you read TMI first)

So. For those of you who HAVE read the books, OR seen the movie (don’t read on if you haven’t read or seen the movie: BEWARE SPOILERS!!)………………..

You will know that the directors changed a couple of things…

At the start: how Clary and Jace meet.

Fighting the demon: Clary doesn’t actually kill it, which I thought was disappointing. Like, no offence guys, but a girl CAN handle her own, sometimes.

Vampires: There SOO not that many vamps.

Okay, maybe I’m being a critical cynic, and too “by-the-book”. I will say that it DID do justice to the book.


I’m sorry, but for those of us who have, frankly, SUFFERED, through a whole book, to find out that they weren’t related, I was kind of hoping, rather vindictively, that the rest of the population would suffer, just as we did. 😦 But no. πŸ˜₯

Ah well. All in all, I’d give it a…. 8/10. It was a satisfying movie, but I cannot say it was really anything more than that. I don’t know why… I was happy that I’d seen it, but I wasn’t blown away, like in The Hunger Games. I dunno.

The actors all portrayed their characters VERY well, although Β Clary should have killed the demon. And I suppose Hodge could’ve made a bigger impression, and Magnus, too, because they’re vital characters in the story.

Anyways, that’s my rant on TMI and the movie adaption, but the best way of forming your own opinion is to see it for yourselves! And do! It’s something worth seeing! πŸ™‚

TMI poster

TMI poster