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Here’s a little somethin’ for all you who are feeling a bit down, a bit lost, and a bit “what is the meaning of life?!??!”

Maybe it’s not such a complex thing.
Maybe it’s just making people smile.


Hey people!

So I’d just like to share something that happened to me today.

My school prefect body (which I am a part of) went to this leadership conference today, and everyone was having a great time, and then when it all ended, we took some pictures and left. HOWEVER! Myself and my friend were still in the bathroom, so, you guessed it, the others accidentally left without us. 

Long story short, a couple hours ago when I came back home, I was reflecting on what happened at the conference and just remembered how they left us, posted something in the group page that the prefect body has, and some people took it the wrong way.

I can’t remember what it is exactly that I said, but I concede, read the wrong way, on a screen, without a person to properly express what I meant, I would have sounded a bit whiny and sulky that they had forgotten us. What I really meant was, just to poke fun at the whole situation, because it really was rather hilarious.

ANYWAYS! So couple of students took it the wrong way and one of them thought I was trying to start a fight. 

But the thing is, I could have easily written an angry response like “You idiot, I meant like…” or “Geez, I was only trying to be funny, YOU’RE the one jumping to conclusions…”. However, today, they taught us (among other things), that a leader serves others, not themselves, and to always keep a cool head over emotions. So I calmly wrote back, stating what I ACTUALLY meant, and offering my apologies if I had upset them. And everything was resolved: they realised I didn’t mean to sound so nasty, and they realised it was a joke.

But the lesson I’ve learned from this is: You CAN take a few hits. Seriously. What are they really damaging? Your dignity. I’m not saying someone’s dignity is not important, but for the sake of peace, and friendship, just take the hits, APOLOGISE, even when it was not your fault. 

I think the current society places a lot of emphasis, on how you are IMPORTANT, and SPECIAL, and UNIQUE. Which are all very true. But this causes people’s ego to inflate, including mine. SO, when someone disagrees, or crosses them, they immediately let out a uh, “ROAR how DARE you!!” kind of response.

But seriously chill. Calm down. No one has physically hit you, no one’s kicked your puppy. PLUS, the things you say when you’re angry, you may not necessarily be able to take back. And there you go, a friendship gone, a reputation ruined. Instead, why not do what’s better, take the hits, and make a move to say sorry, whatever it is. 

Because saying “sorry” (and meaning it!!) can change a whole lot.

So yeah, taking hits, and just apologising in advance. Important stuff. And I’ve definitely grown from today, and not just from the leadership talks but from also putting them into practice! Practice makes perfect, and while I don’t plan on being the perfect leader, I sure hope to improve!


Again I’m so sorry I’m not writing frequently; year 12 is a tough time, and I’m having to balance, wait let me list them, schoolwork, studying, assignments, assessments, musical stuff, prefect work, writing a 4,000 word essay, taking extra-curricular stuff, and another subject in addition to the 6 I already have. Whew. So yes, sorry, and I’ll try to write more in the coming weeks!

I love asking people where they’re from, whether it’s what school, what suburb, what state, what country, I’m just always curious!

For me it’s a sense of connection, and just awe that (don’t laugh at me) there are ACTUALLY other people in this world! Really! WE get so caught up in our routines, and stress and other things that we don’t stop and go, whoa, there’s like, 7 billion people out there…?

Seven billion stories… And counting ~ catchphrase of SBS 

So I guess I should tell you where I’m from… 

I’m from NSW, Australia! It’s on okay place to live, I guess, actually where I live we have a lot of bush fires in the summer (like now, worst bush fire in 50 yeaars people!), but I like it. Winter’s cold, for me (it’s actually not that cold according to my french teacher who’s Irish), but I love snuggling up in a jumper, and heating warm foods, so life’s good! Haha.

FA (cliched) Qs:

Q: Do you have pet kangaroos/koalas/wombats/emus/cockatoos/platypuses/other native Australian fauna?

A: No.

Q: Do you have a heavy accent?

A: Nope. I don’t have any accent.

Q: Did you find Nemo?

A: You do realise Nemo is the captain of the Nautilus from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea?

Q: Do you drink beer/have a beer belly/wear hats with corks/wear thongs (like flip-flops, but we call them thongs)?

A: Yes to the beer, it’s actually very much a cultural thing (but I don’t haha). Sometimes with the beer belly. No to the corks, so don’t come to Australia wearing one. And yep, usually in summer, for thongs.

Q: Oh you’re Australian, eh? Do you live near the beach then?

A: Um actually… Heh, no. I live near the Blue Mountains. >.<

So yeah! That’s about all for tonight! 

Tell me whereabouts you live in the comments, and stay safe! 


So this post is going to be kinda long. Soz. Buuut, it’s everyone’s favourite: the meaning of life.

So I’m just going to get stuck into it. I think instead of asking what is the meaning of life, ask what is the meaning of joy?

I don’t mean happiness, because that is so fleeting and rather insignificant. Happiness can be a simple, ice cream (as I am having now) or taking drugs illegally (which I vehemently protest against). But the ice cream is gonna melt (which mine is doing as I type) and with drugs, you’re going to have to come down from that high, or worse still, face charges, and face reality. Or if you’re like me, happiness is having a good laugh with friends.

But right now, I’m not going to remember my ice cream, 10 years from now, heck I’m not going to remember it 4 hours from now. Or my funny conversation with my friends.

Joy is an ongoing process, I think. It’s funny in the sense that; you bring joy to others, you bring joy to yourself (personally speaking anyways). It comes from understanding your situation, appreciating what you have (or don’t have, like poverty) and GIVING SOMETHING BACK to the people or community that surrounds you. I think what I’m getting at is, joy comes from being connected to others, SERVING OTHERS.

If you’re Christian like me, you might have heard of “JOY: Jesus first, Others second, Yourself last”. I think that’s so true. Anything you do for yourself is going to be… well, self-centered. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing!! In fact, I would rather someone did nothing in their teens to help the community, graduate, go to uni, get a degree and HELP THEN, than helping the community and failing school. You have to help yourself, then help others.

BUT! If the school (because I’m still in school) is organising a charity fundraiser, or a chance to participate in national projects like Clean Up Australia, or The Red Shield Appeal, then PLEASE, go! SERVE others, think about other people, rather than yourself! I mean, there are 7 billion people in this world, not just you.

Also, make the most of the time here! If your school offers these kind of things, well, time is limited! If you’re a teen, go join the jazz band or something! You have ONE year in each year. Do something while you’re there. And; YOU’RE GROWING UP OR GROWING OLD, FAST. [I’d much rather you grow up.]

Which brings me to my next point. TIME. Or the lack of it. There’s one thing we can’t cheat, steal, or buy, and that’s time. What has time got to do with the meaning of life? Well, you know how at the end of every sentence there’s a full-stop? Yeah, the end of time for us, or death, is our full-stop. Some people like to whine about how what we do is all going to become worthless because we’re all gonna die, and it’s inevitable so what’s the use. But other people accept it (maybe not embrace it, haha) and say, well if I’m going to live this life, only once on this planet, I am going to live it *insert description of life here*. I think this generation has understood the inevitability of death. BUT then they take it the wrong way and use #YOLO as an excuse to party and get drunk and take drugs and have sex. The FINAL group of people go: I only live once, okay, but I am going to GO and bring JOY to others, and I am going to GIVE BACK to this world which has so many problems and needs me. But there’s only so much time, before that full-stop, so make the most of every day, and don’t look back to regret what you’ve done. Look back and say, “My life was more than parties, drinks and fun, it had a purpose, and a meaning.”

Okay so we’ve kind of come to the conclusion, the meaning of life is: bring joy to yourself, through serving others and bringing joy to them. But a huge part of life is going to be about you, seeing as, you’re the one living it. Ultimately, make the most of your time here. Don’t be afraid to stand out! And don’t be afraid to be kind to others. And you must remember: YOU’RE THE ONE LIVING YOU LIFE, not your parents, or your siblings. You’re responsible for yourself. So whatever you do, every decision you make, is your own choice, and you’ll take responsibility, which also means, you’re the only one who can make yourself get up in the mornings, or write that essay.

I don’t actually know if that’s a conclusion on “what is the meaning of life?”… But whatever you choose to do with it, don’t look back and regret it. And remember, today only comes about once. THIS day, TODAY, once happens ONCE IN FORVEVER.

And now I leave you with three quotes.

“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift, that is why it is called PRESENT.”

~ Mast Shifu (from Kungfu Panda)

“38 Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.”

~ Luke 6:38 – New International Version (NIV)

“3 Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves,4 not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others.”

~ Philippians 2:3-4 – New International Version (NIV)