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And sisters everywhere. I’m sure you will agree.

*Note: I’m not trying to be vulgar. If I come across as that, then I do very much apologise. 🙂 Just open your mind, and don’t take it so seriously.*


They don’t get periods.

Yes. They don’t get their monthly nasties.

Seriously. No where in The Hunger Games, Percy Jackson, The Mortal Instruments, Harry Potter (Especially when they go camping in the last novel), The Lux Series, or Twilight (except for that book where she figures out she’s pregnant because she missed her period), do any of the heroines have their periods!

And it’s seriously not fair!! Because even though, say in the Hunger Games, Katniss doesn’t get her monthly (or it isn’t recorded anyway), she can still have children.

But okay, maybe it’s a GOOD thing they don’t have their periods!

Here’s a list of examples of what I mean:

  • Katniss: Well, it’d be pretty hard to fight, wouldn’t it? I mean, picture this, Katniss, standing still, feet shoulder width apart, arrow notched, two (or is it 3?) fingers  on the bowstring, draws her arm back, elbow out…. CRAMP. Eughh… not a pleasant thought.
  • Annabeth: *draws knife/dagger (this was before Tartarus)* DIIEEE MOSTER SCUUU- Oh crap, not TODAY!! Mmm-hmm, awkward.
  • Clary: Same, kind of like Annabeth, oh wait, I’ve got one. City of Fallen Angels: Clary is in Shadowhunter training with Jace. And it’s her time of the month. For those of you you have read one, half or all of the books: YOU KNOW JACE. Yeah. Just IMAGINE trying to come up with an excuse why you can’t train, withoutACTUALLY telling him. I’m thinking he’ll probably guess with the first 2 minutes, but he’ll play dumb for his own amusement.
  • Hermione: Okay, okay. The Deathly Hallows: Camping with Ron and Harry. Just try and explain to them why you need a bin in the bathroom. Alright, they might understand why but… say you’re on the run from Voldemort, Death Eaters and the Snatchers. AND YOU NEED TO EMPTY SAID BIN. The bin, or your life. 😛
  • Kat: Daemon’s personality is very much like Jace’s. I.e. you’ll struggle to politely tell him why you can’t *insert activity of your choice here* and he’ll figure it out, play dumb, and smirk at you.
  • Bella: Ah well. She’s got the best of both worlds: she’s had a kid, and at 18 turned into a vamp,, which means at 18 her periods have stopped. I’m just a bit jealous.,. if that’s the right word to use.

Anyways! So there are my 3 reasons why I’d like to be a heroine in a story.

If you have any more reasons why, please leave them in the comments below, and I’ll check them out!

Also, if you have not read any of the series mentioned; PLEASE DOOO!!!

There is a reason why I chose them specifically! 😀

Until next time, take care!


Reason Deux (French for 2):

Um, HELLO! They all have attractive, caring love interests who aren’t jerks!!

Not to hate on the male population, because there are guys are there who are decent , but a guy who treats his girl with respect, love and care is what us girls all dream of. Hmm, maybe once they get past the teenage stage, and start to mature?

Anyhoo, here’s the list again:

    •  Katniss: Gale/Peeta (They are both care for Kat, and are, well, hot.)
      Peeta Mellark

Gale Hawthorne

  • Anabeth: Percy (To be honest… Percy is one of my many book crushes,.. I mean, black hair and sea-green eyes, plus a witty humour, PLUS the fact he’d do anything for Annabeth… yeah. Did I mention he’s the son of Poseidon? He’s pretty damn powerful.) [I chose a picture of Percy and Annabeth, because, I don’t know, this version just fits what I think he looks like better]
  • Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase Clary: Jace (Hello? He’s hot, can kill demons, and has plenty o’ sass. He’s loyal, and would die for Clary. Actually I’m pretty sure he already has……..) [again I thought fanart was the better option here]

Jace from The Mortal Instruments

  • Hermione: Ron (He’s pretty cute, and he really does care for Hermione. It’s really lovely.)

Ronald Weasley

  • Kat: Daemon (Well, for starters. His NAME. OMG. Um, plus he’s said to have black hair, and bright green eyes, spring grass green. Plus he’s incredibly hot, can shoot light, and is an alien. Yup.)


  • Bella: Edward (Hmm. He’s apparently tall, boyish looking. He’s initially attracted to Bella because her blood smells nice. Yah. He wants to eat her. Drink her blood, same difference. BUT IT’S OKAY! He sparkles.)

Edward Cullen

To be fair to the Twilight fandom, I personally loved the story. AND Edward dearest is a gentleman and cultivated and I loved Edward and Bella’s story of first love. Also, I must say, that I did NOT write that the heroines have PERFECT love interests. These guys, however hot and lovable still have a couple of flaws. Which I’ll go through quickly.



Gale: Is assumed to have killed Katniss’ sister.

Peeta: Re-programmed to have a “death-to-Katniss” setting.

Percy: Kinda insensitive, sometimes, and totally unaware of his hawtness…

Jace: A jerk when offended. Plus, for while, us TMI fans thought he has Clary’s brother. Eww.

Ron: The jerk walked left Hermione and Harry when searching for Horcruxes.

Kat: Okay, Daemon was a TOTAL douche bag when he first met her. Seriously. But that makes their love all the more sweeter when it came.


So yeah, sorry it took so long folks! I was kind of tied up in other stuff… namely, school. Hahaha, stay tuned, because part 3 is coming out real soon, and that’s the best part.


Number 1: They ALL have one UNIQUE, special talent that defines them. For example…

  • Katniss (The Hunger Games): Can shoot really well. And can kill people…
  • Annabeth (Percy Jackson): Being a daughter of Athena, she’s incredibly wise and smart; knows her battle tactics, and can kill monsters…
  • Clary (The Mortal Instruments): *SPOILER ALERT*…………………………………………………… Is part angel, and so can create runes, and can kill demons
  • Hermione (Harry Potter): Is super smart, and a really talented witch, and can make people SUFFERRRR….
  • Kat (the Lux Series, do check it out): Killed an alien when she was a human. Has been mutated, and now has alien DNA, and can shoot light and do all this kewl stuff, and can… kill humans and aliens…
  • Bella (Can’t forget the Twilight fandom): When she was a human…  her blood smelled nice? Umm, as a vamp, she now can block people from reading her mind and can protect others, in a mental sense. She also sparkles. Which is also cool.



Hey Everybody!

So this is the start of a new blog, yeah, one of the millions out there. I guess that should make me feel like, I’m one voice in a chorus of many, but I guess, well, someone will hear me, hopefully.

Why did I start a blog?


Yeah. Just because. Yep.

I was actually supposed to be doing studying, but I don’t know… I got sidetracked, and thought “HEY! Let’s make a blog!! Yolo.”

So I did.

And I guess, because I would like so much for someone to hear me. I mean, if no one does, that’s fine, but I thought it’d be cool.

But I’d like for this to be a place for someone, ANYONE, to come and just enjoy themselves, enjoy what this blog has to offer!!

I SHALL try my hardest to write frequently, but I do have school (yes, I’m still in school) and other commitments.

And with that (sooo-not-really-well-kind-of-okay-not-really) happy note;

Welcome to aworldinwriting!!

Enjoy your stay 😉

What can I say? I love these little yella fellas.

What can I say?
I love these little yella fellas.